Full upper and lower case alphabet  of Laguna typeface
Laguna is a funky and fluid typeface inspired by water. Laguna is perfect for creative branding, posters, and editorial work. The font includes upper and lower case characters as well as some punctuation. I also created three Instagram stories to promote the typeface on social media.
Sample text of Laguna with the words Mermaid, Waterfall, Aquamarine, and Drizzle
Laguna resembles the movement of water, the way it beads, drips, and flows. I began by sketching the lowercase n, m, h, and a because they act as building blocks for the rest of the typeface. After sketching, I drew those four letters in illustrator and eventually moved them into glyphs so I could perfect them. For many letters, I could use elements from the n, m, h, and a but I needed to go back to the sketch stage for letters like U, S, and Y. The fluidity of the typeface meant that I could use a less rigid structure when creating the entire alphabet.
3 promotional instagram stories for Laguna showing upper and lower case alphabet and where to order the typeface
Instructor: Thomas Uhlein​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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